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Denman Staff Advisory Committee

Charge of the Committee—The Denman Staff Advisory Committee was formed in 2014 for the purpose of formally recognizing the staff from all departments in the university who are responsible for the long-term success of the Denman Forum. The Staff Advisory Committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the Denman Forum.

Committee Members 2016-17
Kevin Freeman (Honors & Scholars)
Julie Humbel (Honors & Scholars)
Anne Krabacher (Honors & Scholars)
Dana Kuchem (Undergraduate Fellowship Office)
Jackie Lipphardt (Undergraduate Research Office)
Amanda Perrin (Undergraduate Research Office)
Vicki Pitstick (Second-year Transformational Experience Program)
Elaine Pritchard (Undergraduate Education)
Shea Ryan (Recreational Sports/RPAC)
Angela Taylor (Honors & Scholars)
Shane Wagner (ESUE IT)
Rebecca Ward (Honors & Scholars)