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Submission Guidelines
Questions may be directed to

General Information

1. The deadline for abstract submission is Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 5:00pm.

2. Students of any rank and major are eligible to submit an abstract, but you must be in good standing with the University and not have graduated earlier than Summer Semester 2014.  Students may be enrolled at any OSU campus. Students in a joint undergraduate/MS program will be considered as undergraduates during their first four years. 

3. Beginning in 2014, abstract acceptance became more selective, limited to about 550 projects in the entire forum.  Application to present at the Denman can be confirmed if required for an award, fellowship, OSU course, etc., but participation in the Denman Forum cannot be guaranteed.

4. When the number of acceptable abstracts exceeds the limit of 550, priority of acceptance will be given to:

a. Students of any rank who are completing a thesis to graduate with Research Distinction.
b. Graduating seniors, especially those who have spent at least one summer or two semesters on their project. 
c. Students who have spent at least one summer or two semesters on their project.

5. A project presented at a previous Denman is allowed only if there are substantial new results to report.

Writing and Formatting an Abstract

1. The abstract should be written in paragraph format and cover the following topics (but do not use these as headings or sections in the abstract body):

  1. Research question or project goal
  2. Project background or context
  3. Methodology or process
  4. Results or major outcome
  5. Conclusions about the broader implications of your work

2. Consult with your faculty research advisor before submitting an abstract and follow your advisor’s suggestions for writing the abstract.  Advisor approval of the abstract is required for participation in the Forum.

3. Resources on writing an abstract are available on the Denman website where you can also refer to approved abstracts from previous Denman Forums.  

4. The abstract must specify at least preliminary findings.  Projects in progress that lack preliminary findings will not be accepted. 

5. The project title should be no more than 20 words (shorter is better).

6. The body of the abstract must be at least 150 words and no more than 300 words, in a single paragraph with no headings or citations. Do not list your title or additional co-authors in the abstract body.

7. The content and style of your abstract should fit the typical format of your field, but technical jargon should be avoided when possible.

8. Standards of scholarly integrity apply to all abstracts and presentations.

Submitting an Abstract

1. Review the categories on the Denman website (Agriculture/Environmental Science, Art/Architecture, Biological Sciences, Business/Education/Speech & Hearing Science, Engineering, Health Professions-Laboratory/Cellular, Health Professions-Clinical, Humanities, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Psychology, and Social & Behavioral Sciences) with your advisor and submit to the category that best fits your work.

2. Check that all information, including the advisor's title, department, and e-mail address, is correct before submitting the form. Be sure that all names are spelled correctly, using proper capitalization, and written without abbreviations. 

3. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of your abstract.  If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please contact the Denman Forum Coordinator at (614) 688-8093 or e-mail

4. Once your abstract is submitted, your faculty research advisor will receive an e-mail requesting approval of your abstract. Students should check with their advisors and confirm that they have received and responded to this e-mail. Advisor approval is required for participation in the Forum.

5. Abstracts also must be approved by the Denman Faculty Advisory Committee.  Acceptance requires a clear and concise explanation of the context, purpose, methods, findings, and implications of your research, within the word limits specified above. Only those with approved abstracts will be invited to present at the Denman Forum. 

6. By submitting an abstract and registration form, the student agrees to follow through and present the research project at the Forum.   Students who withdraw an approved project deprive other students of the opportunity to present.  Thus, students who withdraw without notifying the URO and those who are no-shows on the day of the Forum will be given lower priority at future Denman forums.

Group Projects

a) In the case of group projects, a maximum of three co-presenters are allowed. Co-presenters are defined as undergraduate students who are presenting a poster together at the Forum. Students should not include graduate students, post-docs, and/or faculty mentors as co-presenters. Graduate students, post-docs, and faculty may be recognized on students’ posters, but not within the title, abstract body, or presenter section of registration.  

b) The abstract for a group project must be submitted only once. The first presenter to complete the form will fill in the abstract text. The other co-presenter(s) should fill out only the first few pages of the registration, until they reach the option to attach to an existing abstract.  They should select that option-- a list will appear, and the student should select to attach to the correct abstract. A confirmation box will appear, allowing the co-presenter to confirm he/she was attached to the correct abstract.