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1st Presenter(s): Neil Ramirez
    Effects of cation valence on transport in gated nanofluidic channels using time dependent excitation
  Advisor(s): Shaurya Prakash


1st Presenter(s): Samuel Goldman
    Testing the ability of clinical x-ray computed tomography to quantify robusticity of human ribs
  Advisor(s): Amanda Agnew
Arts and Sciences - Natural and Mathematical Sciences


2nd Presenter(s): Thomas Groseclose
    Evaluation of enzymatic breakers for the reduction of environmental and health hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing fluids
  Advisor(s): Kurt Koelling


2nd Presenter(s): Genevieve Lee
    Microstructural analysis of friction stir welded joints between Ni-based alloy and steel
  Advisor(s): Antonio Ramirez


2nd Presenter(s): Lagnajit Pattanaik, Kory Sherman
    Selective biomass conversion using immobilized solvent effects
  Advisor(s): Nicholas Brunelli


3rd Presenter(s): Danny Flax
    GestureDB - database querying on an iPad without a keyboard
  Advisor(s): Arnab Nandi


3rd Presenter(s): Jacob Maddox
    Scanning electrochemical microscope electrode fabrication and dynamic modeling
  Advisor(s): Vishnu Sundaresan


3rd Presenter(s): Ziwei Wang
    Settling dynamics of spherical particles in fracking fluids
  Advisor(s): Kurt Koelling


3rd Presenter(s): Anton Rosi
    Understanding membrane biofouling: pH effects on fouling layer composition
  Advisor(s): Linda Weavers


4th Presenter(s): Ross Vasko
    A real-time depth estimation approach for a focused plenoptic camera
  Advisor(s): Rephael Wenger


4th Presenter(s): Quanqi Dai
    An experimental study on the dynamic sensitivities of bistable structures under combined stochastic and harmonic excitations
  Advisor(s): Ryan Harne


4th Presenter(s): Jordan Knerr
    Analysis of padding recovery time for sports helmets
  Advisor(s): John Bolte
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


4th Presenter(s): Jared Artz
    Biomechanical properties of porcine scleral tissue
  Advisor(s): Jun Liu


4th Presenter(s): Amanda Conklin
    Determining the effects of the coagulant, aluminum sulfate, on the adsorption of cylindrospermopsin on powdered activated carbon
  Advisor(s): John Lenhart


4th Presenter(s): Vasiliki Kolliopoulos
    Directing the self-assembly of multiple DNA nanostructures in a single reaction
  Advisor(s): Carlos Castro


4th Presenter(s): Emily Bodamer
    Evaluating the degradation of 3D printed poly(propylene fumarate) scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
  Advisor(s): David Dean

Jason Walker


4th Presenter(s): Panayiotis Kolliopoulos
    Modeling and simulation of non-isothermal gas-assisted injection modeling for viscous Newtonian fluids
  Advisor(s): Kurt Koelling


4th Presenter(s): Kassandra Oxendale
    Muscle forces and their contributions to acceleration during stair decent
  Advisor(s): Robert Siston


4th Presenter(s): Amjad Akif
    Novel microRNA antisense therapeutic delivery using DNA origami nanostructures
  Advisor(s): Carlos Castro


4th Presenter(s): Polina Brodsky
    Real-time modeling of battery pack temperature for thermal limit prevention in electric vehicles
  Advisor(s): Marcello Canova


4th Presenter(s): Clare Cui
    The effect of surface structures on microbial fuel cells
  Advisor(s): Clare Cui


*NOTE : Abstracts designated as 4th place winners are Honorable mention.*